Behind Her Blue Eyes

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

She sits at her desk
Her face carefully composed
There’s a storm going on and nobody knows.
With her sweet pale face
Her tongue black with lies
All is serene
But behind those blue eyes
It’s tearing her up
She is burning inside
The storm rages on yet she doesn’t cry
She will always stay silent
She can’t let them know
So look behind those eyes and the cracks will show
Feel her pain,
Her misery,
Her fear
Can you understand?
Do you even care?
There’s a hole in her chest
It’s deep and It’s wide
They’ve torn out her heart and left her to die.
Yet she sits at her desk
Her face still composed
Her soul may be dying
But no blood has flowed.

The author's comments:
Painting a picture of a perfect life

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