Round and Round

February 18, 2011
By Austenfreak GOLD, Ambler, Pennsylvania
Austenfreak GOLD, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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I sit in place
Never moving
But being moved
My hands placed on the wheel
Teacups spinning round and round
I am in a whirlwind
Of the other people
All like me
Trapped in their seats
I tried to breathe
But the air is nowhere to be found
Just going round and round
I gasp, taking hold of the wheel tighter
Trying to protect myself
The colors of the other teacups
Blend together
A mixture of
And red
As I go round and round
The faces of the other riders
Become the same
Morphing together
The words seems
Like fruit being blended
All different components
Being made into one
That is all I can see
As I go round and round

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