Second Place Love

February 17, 2011
By this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
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Favorite Quote:
The more you love your own decisions, the less you need other people to.

I dont know who said it, but I love it!

He leaves at two thirty
But before he leaves he kisses me
And then off to baseball
After practice I'll get a call
I wonder what he thinks I do when he's not there
I wonder if he'd even care
That I'm chilling at some other guy's place
But he said he wanted space
Because baseball's not the only thing he plays
It's hard to believe anything he says
Because I know he's got a girl out of town
He's only with me because she's not around
He says they broke up but it's a lie
Thinking about it makes me cry
Because I know what it's like to be her
That's just how things were
I used to be the girl he cheated on
The girl who thought he could do no wrong
But about seven months ago
I finally let him go
But now he wants to be mine again
So I guess for now we're "friends"
But we're not dating because he won't ask me out
So I know you're lying without a doubt
And I'm lying to him too
About who I'm with and what I do
I started seeing another guy as well
I wish I had the strength to tell you to go to hell
But there's just something about his smile
He just has that player style
And we were together so long no one else compares
Even though I know he doesn't even care
He treats me like I'm just a toy
And really he's just a stupid boy
But he means more to me than anyone else
I just can't seem to help myself
This other guy I've started to see
He doesn't mean half as much to me
Even though he treats me right
He's not the one I miss at night
And no matter what he does he'll never be the one
Even though he's a ton of fun
He'll never be anything more than another guy
And I really don't like to lie
But I got bored and you're never there for me
So I wanted someone who will be
I found him and thought I could get over my old guy
But really there's no reason to try
No one will be more to me than he is
Wish I could get over this

The author's comments:
I had this guy who was a player.... He tried to come back into my life. I tried to get over him by seeing another guy, but I couldnt. He was my first love, and he'll always come before any other guy even though he treats me bad; even though he has a girlfriend. It's him. It's always been him.

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