Life Is Like A Book

February 17, 2011
Life is like a book.
A book that has been read many times
Yet has no ending.

The cover is beat up,
The corners are in tatters,
But its spine is unbroken.

Pages full of words,

Pages in pencil,

Pages in pen,

Pages left blank,
Hungry to be written on,
For their story to be told.

Pages with tear stains,
And loss.

Pages missing,
Secrets left untold,
Hidden forever from the mind of the reader.

Pages with scribbles written in the margin,
Sticky notes galore,
Pages I want to share.
Pages I want to reread over and over.

It is a book loved by many.
My family,
My friends.

It may just be a book.
A book on a shelf amongst millions
But this book is special.
It is the book about me.
This book is the story of my life.

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RosaConnie said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 6:13 pm
Amazing poem.
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