February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

My parents told me my aunt was going to live in my house.
The only problem was, she was as quiet as a mouse,
at least that’s what I thought.
She was hiding the truth,
she was high on constant drug abuse.

My aunt was a smoker,
and my mom told her,
that she can’t do it in the house.
So she went in the garage,
and like a barrage,
the smoke rose,
into Emma’s room.

The smell then spread,
around my bed,
and I slept covered in smoke.
I told my mother,
and she told me she’d talk to her,
but the smell never ended.

Months passed.
The pain started to last,
in the heart of my family and me.
The problem became clear,
there was much I started to fear.
And my family slowly crumbled.

Every night I lay in bed,
as I heard my mom shed,
many tears as she argued with my aunt.
My dad was mad and that would make everyone sad

Finally she came home,
and a chill went down my bones,
and she was high and mad.
My dad went to the phone to make a call,
and my hope that everything would work out began to fall,
as my mom swept me and Emma into their room.
“It will be all right” she assured us,
even though I felt like I was thrown under a bus.
“Watch the T.V and relax,”

The police arrived,
and my aunt was thrived,
with anger as she yelled and cursed at my mom.
The police yelled back,
saying she could never return,
to my house without our permission.

Grandma and Grandpa took her away,
and that was the end of the fray.
Or at least that is what I thought.
Years passed and my family became divided.
Some took my father’s side,
while some took my aunts

I haven’t seen my grandma in a while.
It was like she hid in exile.
But finally I talk to her on the phone.
“I miss you,” she said.
“I want to see you soon,” I said.
And on the other end of the line I heard,

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