BOY (Because Of You)

February 15, 2011
There are times that I feel sad,
Cause of all the bad times we’ve shared and had

I feel ashamed for thing’s I’ve done,
But who’s to blame for me being so crazy-in-love

For the flames that burn inside of me,
Never showing signs of tiredness of being weak as I lay myself down to sleep

It’s not hard for me to stand up for the ones I truly love,
Or is it that others don’t know the real meaning of love, they run from it

As the rain falls down from the sky above,
I still can’t believe that I’m falling in love

Wondering how could I run and hide the many tears I had shed for you,
Wondering why didn’t I just tell you how much I really wanted you

Before I met you, you were always feeling so lonely an don’t know what to do,
But when I walked into your life God made my true love shine just for you and only you

Boy it was all because of you, that those fourteen reasons were why,
I fell so deeply in love with you and still do

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