Mr. Madman

February 15, 2011
By Anonymous

The insanity let off it's leash, pretty threats isn't life just a peach. Liberating himself by doing whats wrong, liberating himself by doing what he wants. Several harsh words that get more blunt, several harsh words that break down spirits. Angels are crying because of a careless boys lyrics. Angels are crying, and i'm being driven insane because only I can hear it.

Blasphemy look what Mr. madman has done to me, hes pulling me back to where I belong. Either i'll lie or tell the truth, either way what iv'e said has always been wrong. Its the hard knock life of getting rid or creating hate, don't believe me well let me tell you the twisted story damn straight. Starting it all off when I was born just a little insane, just needed some help here and there because there was little person and a messed up brain. On the verge of being okay but like every good story its only good for the first day, after that it was dementia and autism. With a born ability to kill beats and start a rhythm, who cares about lack of brain function this new mind has risen to beat box his way to prison. Beat lil wayne up and get the crap out, spray verses like poetry is worthless. In the end your going to have to realize your okay, still softly looking through bright blue eyes. Guided by whats wrong, its either hit hard or go long.

The author's comments:
This piece was written when I was in a time of trouble, I was having trouble keeping myself sane and was fighting a battle with myself. So I wrote this while it was happening.

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