justifying what I want to believe to what I believe

February 11, 2011
By Griffin Burke BRONZE, NYC, New York
Griffin Burke BRONZE, NYC, New York
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Those were not the things they asked for. Anger.
Those were not the causes they stood for.
They would have been ashamed. They might have cried.
Why have you corrupted men of peace? Pride?
Whose ego was it for? Or for power?
What makes you think that there is holy war?
Names of peace used to justify violence.
Don’t let them corrupt you. Have hope
Mohammed why can’t we hold onto truths?
Buddha where did all the brotherhood go…
Brahma I think, fear we have closed our eyes.
We all have been wishing for a shared hope
We all wish for peace they all wished for peace.
So why do we harm our brothers?
Man made crusades not waged for religion.
It is for not understanding our religion
We weep when we witness what we have lost.

The author's comments:
The bases of religion is wonderful, it has just been corrupted. Gandhi said it best, "I like your Christ, I just don"t like your christians."

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