Why Apples Fall Off of Trees

February 11, 2011
Close your eyes and feel her

She runs past you with fear and regret

Knowing that there's no way out

She's in a cage

Trapped and afraid

How long will you keep her there?

She may not stay visible at all times

But she's there suffering your mistakes

You may not notice how long she's kept quiet

Or how long he's been waiting to run away

He sighs and trembles at the volume of the room

The door pierces his sight

He has a chance, to make a run for it

But like when you're reading a book

It won't be done without an ending

He tries to fight and fails

He's already been shot down by various blows

And this is the biggest

One beats him to the door and leaves

No one knows where they go

But now everyone has time to think

To apologize, to plead

To deny

To deceive

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