February 10, 2011
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The power of money has the magnetism to make friends or create enemies. He can haunt you. His grim eyes and lingering smirk taunt people to pass him on.
He flaunts his numbers like new clothes, some pressed and wrinkle free, others folded and crumpled. Though mostly green, he wears traces of yellow and purple. His cologne, musty with a hint of ink, is distinct and one of a kind.
He runs our society, producing poverty and kings. He makes communities where people who do not work for him are excluded and people who do are greatly rewarded.
The presence of him attracts criminals and robbers. As greed creeps up and slowly consumes person by person, his face remains unchanged with his dismal sneer, corrupting the world and saving it at the same time.
He talks with numbers, letting people cut in line or get the better table. He fills up pockets and swindles wishful minds into supplying fountains. He starts wars and ends them.
People doubt him, people trust him. People hate him, people love him. Without him we could be nothing, with him we could be everything.
Keeping the balance of the world, this is the power of money.

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