You Can't Run.

February 10, 2011
By Tay_Nicole BRONZE, Gaylord, Michigan
Tay_Nicole BRONZE, Gaylord, Michigan
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You can't run,
but you can hide.
Let the fear rule you,
and control you mind.
In return, the biggest, foulest, pit you'll ever fall into.
Hidden from everything that's ever hurt you.
No fear.
No more pain and suffering.
Replaced with loneliness.
No one to fear.
No one to lose.
No one to hurt you. No one to hurt.
No one to love you. No one to love.
Once you're in the pit,
you can't run.

The author's comments:
Everybody digs a hole for themselves.
The difference between people is simple; Those who decide to jump into that hole, and retreat back to safety, and others who face the reality of life, and risk loving others in order to feel love. Which are you: the one in the hole, or the one living life?

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