February 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I can’t take your constant
Into my dreams!
You don’t know how bad they are;
How completely terrifying!
But even if I told you,
You only have your imagination.
A dream surpasses all that imagination is
And ever could wish to be.
It is so much more.
Dreams reveal everything!
Do you understand the trueness of everything?
The entirety of it?
A dream depletes the vastness of imagination
And leaves one thing
And one thing only;

I can’t show you how vivid the pictures were
And still are
In my mind.
And yet,
I keep them,
Permanently written on my brain.
You try erasing a picture like what I have seen
Every night.
It just doesn't work like that.
It just doesn’t work.
Every night,
I lie awake in bed,
While the heaviness of sleep pulls at my eyelids
And the darkness taunts me.
And as I lie there,
I break.
My soul,
My heart,
My body;
I break.
Is that what you wanted?
Was that your only goal:
To see me shatter to a million little pieces?
Because I did.
And even though I’ve shattered,
I’m forced to keep it together.
Forced daily to plaster a smile on my face.
A smile that is,
Slowly but surely,
Killing me inside.
No one can know what you have done to me,
Weather physically,
Or emotionally.
If they knew, they would pity me.
I don’t want their pity,
I want peace.
Am I being dramatic?
Am I taking this too far?

Maybe you took it to far.

Did it ever occur to you that I am just a girl?
Though, you have caused me to grow up a little.

Or to you, maybe I’m just one more person
On your checklist.
One more achievement.
One more trophy
To add to you collection.
I could have lived without it,
But it came,
And I took it.
Why did I take it?
Why did I just let you have your way with me?
And why are you still here,
Into my dreams?

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