the gang

February 17, 2011
I was filling up my car with gas at the gas station and I was hit by someone with a gun. I woke up with a giant lump on my head the size of a softball and a confused look on my face. I was duck taped to a chair and a big 6 foot 7 inch guy with all muscle on his body and had an AK in his hand was standing in front of me, next to him was a full on tattooed Mexican about 5 foot and an angry look on his face. When I awoke they asked me if I would join their gang and I said what gang? The big tall guy with the AK in hand turned me around and there were about 40 guys from all different races. I look back at the guys and I said what would happen if I said no. The big guy had a (this guy is stupid) look on his face. The Mexican pulls out his gun and says “do you want to join our gang?” I had no choice but to sat yes, otherwise they’d kill me right there. They all had an angry smile on their faces and they unwrapped me. Some of the other people from the gang gave me an M1911 and car keys. I knew what the gun was for but I didn’t know what they keys were for or to? So I asked and they brought me to their garage and there were a bunch of low- rider cars there. I was shocked. I pressed the unlock button on the key pad to see which ride was mine. I got the best one. It was the purple one with 22’s and spinners and a no- top. A few hours later the head guy said “let’s go boys” and we all hopped into our cars and I followed every on else. It was about 2 am and we were on the streets. We pull up to an abandoned house looking thing and we all get out and hide behind our cars with our guns in hand. Each of us follow and we get up to the house and sneak into the backyard. They opened up the back door and we all start shooting. About 30 gang members were in there and were now dead.

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