Make A Difference

February 17, 2011
By , Waverly, MT
Is anything I say going to make a difference?
Or is it just a battle of building walls and then breaking them down again
Is this love all we have
All were meant for?
Or is it just another chapter that will soon be lost?
The bill on the table
Will it make a difference?
Between us
How much can this love handle?
Freezing weather, stress on a truck
Will the freezing weather ice over our love?
Every memory
Every dream
Will it make a difference?
In the end when push comes to shove
Will we still be together?
Or will our love not make a difference?
To you I want to be the difference
Show you all you’re meant for
That even the rain coming down
The clouds falling on the green grass
Hail falling on the broken window pane
Won’t make a difference in the end
But us together
‘Til the end
Will be the difference

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