Coming Together

February 17, 2011
By Nadiya Andriyets BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
Nadiya Andriyets BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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Friends. Enemies.
The good and the evil.
The loud and the quiet.
The rich and the poor.
The thin and the thick.
These are things that are opposites,
They don’t seem to come together,
Friends and enemies fight all the time,
They don’t realize that fighting and arguing wont get them anywhere far,
If they came together,
And tried to work it out,
There is a great chance that they could become the best of friends,
The loud always get all the attention,
The quiet sit around and try to not be seen,
But if they loud would give the quiet a chance,
Then they would be both heard and their ideas would all be shared,
The rich get all they ever want,
Food, clothes, cars, and such,
While the poor work really hard to bring food on the table,
The same clothes worn by them and their kids all the time,
But if the rich would help that poor,
Then the poor would have a little bit more,
Schools always have a problem with the thin and the thick,
Why do the thin think they are better than the thick?
Bullying and calling them names,
Making it worse for the thick and making them hate themselves,
But really the thick are just the same and should be treated like the rest,
So now for the last time,
Lets come together,
And make the world right.

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