The Girl Who Was Forgotten

February 17, 2011
By Cheyenne D BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Cheyenne D BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Why do you promise me when you know you won't do it?
I'm sick of this pain.
It tears me apart.
You see how I feel but you just don’t care.
Or do you?
You don’t show me so how am I supposed to know?
I cant read your mind.
Do you think I can?
Well I can't.
I'm not a physic.
I can't wait forever.
I'll get sick and tired.
You will have moved on.
I'll be forgotten.
Just like always.
You may think your perfect but you are far from it.
Did you get sick of me?
Is that why I'm here?
How could you do something like that to a person?
You are heartless.
You may be cute like Romeo but you are not as sweet as him.
Where is my Prince Charming?
My Knight in Shining Armor?
I guess happy endings don’t happen to girls like me.
You used to say why is a girl like you with a guy like me?
Well I think it’s the other way around.
I feel as if I'm not important.
Am I?
I don’t think I am?
Was I ever your Princess?
You never treated me like one.
I guess my life will never be a fairytale.
Maybe I'll find someone.
But I don’t think I will.
You made me lose all hope.
You broke the most important piece of me.
My heart.
You think I can just tape the pieces back together?
I can't.
I trusted you with something important and you let me down.
I cry over you for what?
Nothing obviously.
I just want the pain to stop.
I want to move on.
A small part of me still misses you.
But you’ve hurt me to much.
Can I trust you again?
No I don’t think I can.
The only people I need are my true friends.
They have my back.
They are much better than you.
I wear these scars for everyone to see how much you hurt me.
There starting to heal and I'm feeling better.
I know I'm find without you.
I'm me and that’s who I'll always be.
That’s who people expect me to be.
I will never change.
You made me feel so good.
Like when I didn’t want to smile you made me laugh.
I think I will find someone better.
I have my friends and family.
That’s all I need.
And sugar.
Sugar is the best medicine.
Can you believe how good I feel?
I wear these pretty clothes to hide my disgust.
My makeup hides my true feelings.
I'm done putting on a fake smile and saying I'm fine.
Because I'm not.
If you loved me you would have stayed.
But you left way too fast.
I have new people in my life to replace you.
You gave me butterflies when we were together.
My head says who care then my heart says you do idiot.
My heart was obviously confused.
You know the saying think with your heart not your head.
I guess it was the other way around for me with you.
Go ahead and walk away I'm not running after you like I've done before.
You messed up.
I'm not cleaning up your mess.
All those memories we had together are gone.
All your things are burned.
You burned this hole in my heart right where you used to be.
I feel sorry for you.
You have to put everyone down just to make yourself feel better.
One day your going to look back and think, wow that girl really did love me.
You made me fall for you with no intention of catching me.
Didn’t your mom every teach you to treat a girl right?
Not to hurt her?
Didn’t your dad raise you to treat a woman like she's the only girl in the world?
Well I guess not.
I have waited long enough for you to finally like me back.
You say you do but you never show me.
You ignore me like I'm your little sister.
But you know what?
I'm glad I saw the real you.
It made me really consider who I like.
You made me think you were the one for me.
What were your intentions of me?
Were they good or bad?
Were you just going to use me?
You used to say how you hated being used.
Well you used me for your own stupid little games.
Well I'm done being played.
Why don’t you find someone else to play your games with?
Because I'm done.
This is the last goodbye.
Usually goodbyes are short but this one is forever.
If you want me back then say something.
Ignore me and I'll walk away.
But one you will think to yourself wow she was amazing.
But I'll be long gone by then,
So this is goodbye forever.
The girl who was forgotten.

The author's comments:
This piece was written about getting your heart broken.

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