February 10, 2011
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I know that we are best friends,
But we are drifting apart.
My heart says this is impossible,
But my head knows it true.
As I stay awake at night,
Having feelings of sorrow and melancholy,
You picture pops in my head.
The feeling that I love you so much,
But know that life moves on with you or without you.
As I know we have a connection.
Were there for each other in the thick and thin,
Good friends forever.
This friendship should always last.
You don’t want it to change,
And I don’t want it to change.
But as time keeps going on I feel you slipping away from me.
As if your hand is always on my hand,
But it’s slipping away.
Only time can tell if we will keep holding on
Let it slip in the grasp of our hands.

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