Walking Man

February 10, 2011
By mickeycat BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
mickeycat BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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Outside my window, a man walks by
Hair like the earth, eyes like the sky
His coat flaps around like a bird that can’t fly
But won’t give it up till it gives it a try.

I wish I could look inside his mind
Just to see what exactly I’d find
Wold it be happy or sad? Cruel or kind?
Is there a reason his face is all lined?

What else would I see? Even just a small part?
Is he in love? Has she broken his heart?
Where is he going? Where did he start?
And will he arrive there before it gets dark?

But those thoughts are his, and never were mine
And so without them, I’ll be just fine
And he’ll just keep walking in a straight line
Until he gets home with his thoughts and his mind.

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