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February 10, 2011
By courageismyonlyhope GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
courageismyonlyhope GOLD, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."
-Peter Pan.

You're the anchor that pulls me down,
and your the one I want to drown.
You are the invador in my dreams,
you've taken this to the extrememes.
I hear the sweet songs you sing,
The tears it brings, makes my eyes sting.
Keep on, playing your little games,
In the end, I'm not saying names.
You fill my head with confusion,
I've recently come to the conclusion.
In my head, you mean nothing to me,
even though my heart will disagree.
Stare into my eyes, and hatred is what you'll find,
and, trust me baby, its making me blind.
The past is the past, and its keeping its place,
I'll advise the next girl, to carry her mace.

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