Save Me..

February 10, 2011
By hayli:) BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
hayli:) BRONZE, Vidor, Texas
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Everyday I wake up to see a different face in the mirror.
Every night I lay down hoping to dream of a way to break free.
From the drugs and the needles.
From the alcohol and the numbness.
But all I seem to dream are dreams of sin and lust.
My abuse, my.. addiction has reached its peak.
I want to come clean but I'm already too far in this never-ending hole..
My family has given up on me. My friends keep tempting me.
I want out of this grave I've dug for myself, but it seems Satin has already filed it back in.
I need a second chance or for just one person to look at me and tell me that they believe in me.. and that they love me.
I need for someone to take my hand and pull me out of the fire and towards the right direction.
I look around and think how can I feel so alone when there's so many people in this world..
But even when someone looks at me it's like they see right though me.. as if I'm not there.. as if I'm worthless.
Can't anybody feel what I feel right now? The hurt, the pain? Can't anyone help me?...
People speak of this 'God' or 'Father', but if there's a God how could he let me destroy my life? Why didn't he stop me and show me the right way?
If there's a God... I'm begging you to help me. Let me know that your there and that your real, because I am drowning in a pool of my loneliness and depression.
Please help me.. I beg of you...

The author's comments:
In this piece I tried to step into the shoes of an adict or a person in deep depression.

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