I Miss You

February 10, 2011
By , Albuquerque, NM
You don't come anymore, It's not how it used to be.
I know it's hard, but darling please remember me.
It's taking over your mind, don't give into the lies.
You've changed so much, this isn't who you are.
Why am I not surprised?
You are my hero, no matter what you say.
Please don't throw it away.
You can overcome all the sadness and the fear,
For me, my dear?
Together we can start over from the start,
We'll just erase this part.
You will survive. I know it's true.
You're strong enough to face the truth.
You know what you've done, that you're hurting me every time.
And no, I can't spare a dime.
Not so you can ruin your life.
End it with just a knife.
Or was that your second choice?
Are you tryig his way first?
Well my heart's getting ready to burst.
I can't take the pain of seeing you this way, maybe another day.
I miss the old you, the person you used to be.
But it's too late for me to say.
I know that you agree.
When you're sober you can tell me.
You know that this is killing me.
Stop this, stop the destruction.
Is it really that much fun?
You simply are amazing, and I need you very much.
I love you and you love me too.
So what are you going to do?
Just stick that needle in your veins,
Play all those silly games?
The truth, my love, is that if you die, I will die along with you.
We both know that that is true.
Not right now, not like this.
Please don't kill me, my dear.
Don't give in to your fear.

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