And Smile

February 10, 2011
When the economy is declining,
When my grades are satisfactory,
When my family is growing apart,
When my life crumbles to the ground,
Why do I still smile?

Life can become so unbearable,
And the only thing to do is scream at the top of my lungs.
But through all the break ups and disappointments,
I somehow learn to push through
And smile.

My smile could go on forever.
Try and challenge me.
Try and put me down.
I’ll just get right back up
And smile.

I smile to turn puddles into swimming pools,
To turn darkness into a game of hide-n-seek,
To turn hateful words into a song,
And to hold back the tears.

My smile is contagious and spreads like a fire.
It makes me strong,
And goes on forever.

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