A Recipe for Disaster

February 10, 2011
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At first sight I’d call you impeccable,

R ecently though I’ve changed my mind to abhorrent.
E ventually this story you left behind will be illegible,
C ramming itself away into my fragmented heart of torrent.
I magining what could have been kills me,
P erhaps it was never meant to transpire;
E agles, you know, are meant to fly free.

F abricate your actions as much as you desire.
O penheartedly, did I let you in,
R escuing you from all your rueful blunders.

D oubting all faults that had been,
I was such an ignorant girl, to be torn asunder.
S omeday I must wake up and change,
A nd but another day passes me by.
S everal chances I have had to derange,
T elling myself to move on with another guy.
E veryday still passes, though, and I stand askew,
R equesting, begging; just a simple smile from you.

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