Sugar and Spice

February 10, 2011
He is wicked and nice
He is sugar and spice
He’s hot then he’s cold noble
He is yes then he is no
He is unpredictable
Seems invincible
I always wondered
That a boy so desirable
Could be oh so cold
Without being told
Took my chances
Kissed hope goodbye and
Set out to find his heart
Then I found out he
He didn’t have one
From the start
I was looking in vain
Oh so much pain
I saw
Looking for a
Cruel cold heart
I wasted my time
On god knows what
But it became
The best memories I ever had
I learned to read
The faces that screamed
I am a d***** bag!
Now I cant help but gag
How stupid I was
To fall for a trinket
A toy that everyone had their sights on
If it never happened
I wouldn’t have been this strong
He was like the moon and
I was the tide
Was being pushed and pulled
At his might
Alas I saw through his rouse
Through time
I finally found the sight
To forget the boy
Who had once
Stolen my mind
He tested my wits
I finally tore him to bits
And banished him away
From my heart

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