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I Need Out

Emotions are stronger
Than words
Feelings cannot truly
Be described with
Only one word
They need phrases
And sentences in
Order to be described
But I have
Many emotions
More than others
Think of
A dark square room
With no doors or
Windows just you
And the dark walls
What does this
Remind you of?
Do you think of
A cage or prison?
Well I think
Of my mind
The one place I can’t escape
With the never-ending
Rows of words and emotions
Where my words are slurring
And emotions are stirring
The lines that I am rehearsing
Turn into the thoughts that I'm cursing
I just scream and shout
I'm going to break
I'm going to shake
Which is sometimes
Worse that breaking
I need to just escape for a day
Where I don’t have to sit and stay
A day to escape from reality
Into a place of virtuosity
I don’t care I just need out!
I can’t do this anymore
It’s like a roller coaster
And an announcer saying
Sit and enjoy the ride
But the ride
Is worse than life it’s self
Where I get to the top of the hill
Then just drop down
And continue the cycle
Over and over again
For the rest of my life
Where I'm all alone
In the dark
And no one understands me
I'm different and know it
My mind is my own worse
Enemy the only thing making
Me completely incomplete
And perfectly imperfect
And I can never escape
My worst fear
For I will forever and always
Be trapped and suffering
In the dark lonely walls
Of my mind
Where there are no
Cracks or holes
To escape,
To just get out.

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TrYiNg2FiNd_Me said...
Mar. 13, 2011 at 11:39 am
This is very well written, and i liked it alot. I can completely relate, but i'm sorry you feel this way bc i know it sucks. You should check out some of my work :) take care.
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