Cliff Diving

February 10, 2011
By DreaDrop GOLD, Durango, Colorado
DreaDrop GOLD, Durango, Colorado
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Up on the cliff side your standing,
The wind blowing threw your hair,
A smile grows around your face,
My body shivers but I can not bring myself to stop you,
Your mother cries next to me,
People chanting your name,
They say you will make it,
But deep down the sea rocky sea awaits,
Chills fill the air and we gasp,
Your feet push off and you tumble down,
The smile never leaves your face,
The hope never leaves my heart,
Splashing into the water is you,
A scream from above,
A girl has seen the red water,
You do not float to the top,
Diving down we find no body,
The sea has eatin you,
Now only I have the strength to jump from the cliff and see what you saw,
Only now will I feel what you did before you tried the jump of fearful fun...

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