February 10, 2011
He spoke with pain; the words flew out of his mouth like the wind atop a hill.
He never had a problem with buoyancy; he was resilient til’ his last breath.
He held passion for a different kind, in a different way.
At first, he was grounded, then took flight like an impetuous gull.
His absence bred maliciousness, tensing all my nerves.
He wanted to know, to learn, discover more.
Too indolent to make a call, I suppose?
Too insecure to love, I see.
Don’t worry; the lack of your existence will not be denied as my actuality.
The one thing you left me to hold on to is nothing more than a burden.
You should know, sir, that this anxiety will surely get the best of me.
I would have loved you if given the chance, you see.
You were much too frightened to ever let me.
We could have been great friends, I know.
I am you, reincarnated, and that frightens me.

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