Sea Monster

February 16, 2011
There is a sea inside of me,
Its waves roll forth relentlessly.
It stretches, vast, beneath my skin,
And yet remains concealed within.
Beneath the surf, embraced by cold
Float gleaming fish all silver-gold.
The fish, they dance and thrash and spin -
Their memories are cobweb-thin.
They fast forget and feel no pain
Their wounds washed clean by gentle rain.
Here deeper still a shadow lies,
Asleep and cloaked in darkened guise.
Within its maw a poison wells;
The bitter taste breaks all the spells.
It stirs and blinks wide one bright eye,
Remembers how it once could fly.
Awake, enraged, it gathers strength,
Shivers claim its shadowed length,
And shakes the murky ocean depths
With cries of anger, fear - regrets.
The monster writhes and whips its head,
Above, the wavelets swell and spread.
(The starlight fish have spooked and fled.)
Around, around, the foam caps whirl
As wings of night below unfurl.
It rises swiftly, blind with wrath,
Intent upon an unseen path.
The beast explodes against the sky,
Flings drops of shattered glass awry.
Upon the wind an eerie keen
Betrays the agony, unseen,
And then it sinks below the sea -
There is no monster here now, see?
A simple feat to disappear.

Upon my cheek, a single tear.

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