The Year of the Me

February 16, 2011
I’m so tired love; I have nothing left to give.
I supported you over these countless years,
But now my knees are shaking
And I just can’t lift you up.

It’s nothing personal I’m just spent,
Because when you give your all
Expecting nothing in return,
It turns out that’s exactly what you get.

I’m gonna do what I want now.
I’m breaking free.
This is my time.
This is the Year of the Me

when you wrap your life up in others
They crush you, dissolve you, and swallow you up
Who are you? You don’t even know anymore
And that’s really what scares you the most

So I’ll run, I’ll jump, I’ll scream out crazy like I’m dying,
Because today I just don’t care who sees.
Not another second for you this time will be,
Ever and truly the Year of the Me.

Now I’m not saying I don’t love you.
I do more than ever,
But your expectations are barbs,
And your emotions poison.
I need to break away for awhile
I have to find myself not the me that was you.
I have to find my own individual worries, hopes and dreams.

A new year with a new dream
Counting down the seconds with you
I give a toast,
To the brand new, wonderful Year of the Me.

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