Not Too Late To Be Saved

February 20, 2011
She hides her smile in a broken song
The lyrics frayed, the music all wrong
She laughs at jokes when she wants to cry
The world’s cruel, and she doesn’t know why

Days are hard to live when they feel like years
The sands tip too slowly, yet fast are tears
Her friends say she is the happiest person they know
But there is a different side she doesn’t show

Her body is always covered with layers
Good excuses that don’t betray her
One too many times she went to her wrist
Putting herself on His waiting list

She makes a joke then cracks a smile
They don’t know she won’t be here in awhile
The perfect girl with a seamless life
But behind that mask is a knife

One excuse to mark another pain
No more waiting on the thunderous rain
To wash away what she can’t feel
Forgiveness comes from the steel

She shuts the doo and locks it
Grabbed the gun and cocked it
Shaking hand and a nervous twitch
She knew she couldn’t die like this

Feet pound the pavement as she runs
Her skins so cold she wishes for the sun
The end of the book is drawing near
The last page the end of fear

She ends in the woods surrounded by trees
The birds overhead sing her broken melodies
She raises her knife and closes her eyes
And wait to give that one last final goodbye

She lets her mind drain the flood
Grabs the knife carved in blood
She is done with feeling frozen
No more being broken

He reached for her hand
She drops the knife surprised by his command
He asks her why
And holds her as she cries

He throws her knfe away
To make sure she doesn’t throw her life away
She thought no one saw
But he noticed the scars withdraw

He saved her life she tried to toss
She saw the river, but never made it across
No matter who, where, when, how or why
It is not too late to be saved,
It’s not time for an early goodbye

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yourADDICTION said...
Mar. 6, 2011 at 6:30 pm
this is amazing truely is touched me .i sat here in awe this is beyond words.
WithPenAndScript replied...
Mar. 8, 2011 at 4:34 pm
Thanks so much! I am so happy you read it and liked it! ;) Thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts!!
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