See the Truth

February 20, 2011
See you standing there
All alone
Tears on your face
flowing ever so slowly

You see me standing here
All alone
Tears on my face
flowing ever so slowly

Will you ever realize that
it's you you're looking at?
Will I ever realize that
it's me I'm look at?

You see me looking there
looking in the sky's eyes
seeing a flower.
A flower with the petals
falling off...

But as each one falls off,
a new one grows
a new color on it,
ready to face anything

But with high expectations,
comes high disappointments.
Soon it'll fall
just like the last one...
and again
and again

Never stopping...
Always falling

Will you ever realize,
it's you, your looking at?
Will I ever realize
it's me I'm looking at?

We're all petals
We're all seeing ourselves
crying because we see
the truth
Who can blame us?

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