February 9, 2011
I’ am a true urban gangster more like a legend
I can kill you and you cannot kill me
Most of the times you cant tell because I creep up slowly
The thing that hurts the most is you brought me upon your self
You wish you could fight but I have broken you down
I’m what happens when you mess around
You could stop me if you wanted by taking one test
But you either thought you were invincible
Or you were just scared like the rest
To know you had not behaved the best
You thought the plastic covering would save your life
Or you went in raw because it felt soo nice
But you have messed around and rolled that dice
How do you feel about that night
Now that you no you risked your life
Everything you have become
You have put on the line for one night

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live2dance said...
Mar. 6, 2011 at 4:36 pm
very creative lol
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