The Storm

February 10, 2011
By Anonymous

His eyes always glitter’d with happiness
I wondered- could anything bring him down?
His smile, sett’ling. His charisma, calming.
Epitome of a great man and dad.
Unforgettable, undeniable,
And just simply unbelievable love.
Tears like thunder, pain like lightening-
Both coming at once like a horrid storm.
Visions of his dark eyes and hair cloud my mind.
Months of sunshine can’t seem to clear the storm.
The things closest to him push me further,
Trying to avoid the constant flashbacks.
The purple and green striped shirt that I can’t
Go near, because I wore it that day.
The songs I can’t listen to because they
Mirror my heart, express my feelings too
Perfectly. These loses, they mean nothing.
Just things blown away during the big storm.
One day this storm will end, showing blue skies.
Maybe one day even this heart will heal.
But if nothing could ever bring him down,
Then nothing will ever bring this heart down.
Not even this storm of lightening and

The author's comments:
This piece is about my father who passed away last year.

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