My Sister

February 10, 2011
By , Rileyville, VA
I close my eyes
and view the past as a slideshow,
as my scrapbook,
remember our first pony ride?
I rode the black pony
while you rode the chestnut pony,
remember how we made cardboard houses
for our Barbies,
we did everything together,
we wore the same outfit on twin day in school
even though I was two years older,
we laughed at the Three Stooges
and thought we were the Powerpuff Girls,
remember you had an accident,
you were only 5,
you cried
and i comforted you,
remember falling asleep in the car with our mouths wide open,
every night
you woke me up and asked me to close the closet,
because you thought there were monsters,
we went through the abuse together
enduring the pain of it all,
you tried to protect me
even though you were only 6,
I remember your voice, your face
god I miss you,
it's been six years since I last saw you,
since I talked to you,
I can't imagine you all grown up,
do you remember me?
I wonder how much he has brain washed you,
do you think of the good times we had?
I wish you were here again,
you were my best friend
my twin
but most importantly you were
my sister.

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