3 Words

February 18, 2011
I asked you
Why do you call me beautiful?
You say
It’s the glitter in your eyes
Why do you hold my hand?
You look in my eyes
Because you keep me grounded
I pause
Why do you stay?
You hold me close
You are home and that is all I could ever need
I look down at my shoes
Why do you love me?
You wait
The silence is killing me
I look up and see your eyes
Looking down into mine
I love you
More than Romeo dared love
His Juliet
I say nothing
I need you more
Than breath
I wait
You lean
Kiss me with an undeniable
I love you
Because you exist
The part of my soul
I was destined to find
A tear wells up
And slides down my cheek
The question is
Do you love me?
I look in your eyes
Without a doubt lingering in
Thought or voice
I whisper
Three words

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