Your thoughts turn against you

February 9, 2011
By rain-rain111 PLATINUM, Roselle, Illinois
rain-rain111 PLATINUM, Roselle, Illinois
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He offered her the world but she said she had her own.

Grip the covers ,
Shut your eyes.
Try to disappear ,
As you finally cry.
Family is screaming ,
Your friends long gone.
Breathe in and out ,
Just try and hold on.

The sun never leaves ,
Just a cloud passing through.
Only remember that ,
convince yourself it's true.

You underestimate yourself ,
Always making a second guess.
Without meaning , you shatter on the floor ,
Making more of the previous mess.
But you just stay still ,
letting the broken pieces freeze.
Only when you can't hold up any longer ,
You sink down to you knees.

Put things back together ,
It'll be worth your time.
If you need a hand to help you up ,
just take mine.

To keep from attacking ,
You draw the sun and a heart on your wrists.
Sensing that effort fail ,
You ball your hands into fists.
You know it's wrong ,
And the feeling might pass.
Your conscience is screaming ,
But sorrow encases you in a thick coffin of glass.

How small you see yourself ,
When you are so much more.
Only if you let your mind dream ,
And your heart soar.

You shouldn't be allowed to think ,
Your thoughts go all wrong.
If only you know who's there for you ,
That you can remain strong.
You try to think of reasons ,
Also try to get through the night.
You come up with nothing ,
But it doesn't seem right.

Your running a race ,
And it's almost done!
Don't stop now ,
Soon you'll see the sun.

As the night wears on ,
You haven't moved from your spot.
Attempting to recollect yourself ,
Vaguely remembering who your not.
But your mind goes heavy ,
Your lids go slack.
Wanting to sleep ,
Then never come back.

Just let fatigue take you under ,
Trust yourself for once.
Allow time to block out the world ,
And your dangerous stunts.

Figuring out it's best ,
You put your head down to rest.

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