Rainbow Skies

February 9, 2011
A glitzy sky above my head,
Red Glitter floating in the air,
Lightly snowing down, settling on crystal grass;
A golden sun glowing down at the glass caves,
Creating an astonishing illusion.
Flowers made of pearls a shade of pink,
Silver crimson roses shine in the field of white,
Rainbow colored rain drops trickle down upon emerald mountain tops.
Gemstone pebbles lay around the rainbow pond.
Tiny pixies flutter around, waving their silver wands.
A copper bungalow floats on top of a rainbow stream,
leading to a forest of candy green.
A bowl made of diamond filled with creamy treats,
sits on top of a table with golden embroidery.
The world around me all magical and bright,
all behind a silver gate to Esperanza.

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