February 9, 2011
By ljb12 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
ljb12 BRONZE, White Castle, Louisiana
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Here we are with one oh six point nine coming to you live with a crying world.
Today’s topic, kidnapping.
Closer your eyes.
What do you see?
I see a new world one that’s grasped in the hands of our savior only to shine down his effortless perfection.
Who am I kidding?
I see nothing except every color of the rainbow splatted in one spot to for a color we call black.
Life the world’s heart.
Full of envy lust and disappointment.
We’ll be back with one oh six point nine coming to you life after these few interruptions.
Commercial kidnapping our ears to be filled with lies of societies acceptance of life.
You could have a lifetime of happiness for only two payments of insert no amount of money here.
We’ve let the government kidnap our brains to be brainwashed of accepting that the world is an okay place if you pay your taxes.
Why should we let money define who we are in life?
Were back with one oh six point nine coming at you live discussing kidnapping.
How is it an offense when we do it to ourselves everyday?
We take our hopes and dreams throwing them away never to be seen again. Kind of like yesterday with only mere glimpse of a memory.
We settle for the day-to-day pay of minimum wage only because failure may cost you your hard earned money.
Since when do dreams have to be so expensive?
Societies kidnapped us all.
Hanging us by a noose laughing at all of us for not rebelling.
How are 4 billion people in this world okay with letting the government take away our dignity? Oh right they gave us freedom. Just kidding. They’ve stamped laws and regulations see the last time I checked freedom meant I could do whatever I wanted without having to pay a sales tax. Sadly enough its almost time for a little kidnapping we have to accept. Time is our biggest guilty offender.
Kidnapping our precious moments in life only to be sped up by the rotation of earth being sucked into a black whole of memories where those might erode away too.
This is one oh six pint nine coming at you live with kidnapping.
Sorry ladies and gentleman but you’ve all been kidnapped by me to a place called reality.
Open your eyes and realize real lies.

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