Frozen by Words

February 16, 2011
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I wish I could close my eyes
And then wake up
To just me standing there
Without you around.

You’re nagging again
“Don’t wear this”
“Don’t do that”
“I didn’t give you permission for that.”

You might as well just go ahead
And point out the fact
That you’re in charge
“Do as I say, I’ll do as I please.”

Your voice is slicing straight through me
I think you mean well
But somehow,
I’m having trouble stomaching it.

“Stop it,” I say
It’s my final warning
Before I pack all my bags
And walk out the door.

You don’t heed my warning
I didn’t really expect you to
But I don’t move
I stand completely still.

I sit back down on the couch
I’d never leave here
I’d never leave you
I made a promise.

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