For Hope Within the Fallen Land

February 16, 2011
By Grayden Carroll BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Grayden Carroll BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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As statues crumble day by day,
As country's foundations fall,
As shattered dreams impart a feeling of despair,
The earth will follow suit.

The people love their money,
Though they suffer great depression,
People sleep at night,
but do not wake at morn.
Political scandals flash by in the news,
By now the world has lost faith,
Priests are preaching lies,
Though no-ones there to care.

When people are oppressed,
When they suffer the insufferable,
When someone needs to stand up and say "I have a dream,"
No one will be there.

Today may seem easy,
As might tomorrow do the same,
But some day life will differ,
Who then will be to blame?
Not they that laid this fate,
Busy with their hands,
But us who sat idly,
And catered their demands.

That's all in the future,
And the future keeps on changing,
If today the people rise,
And we stand and act as what we are,
A proud and decent people,
Each and every one damned,
To a fate that We decide,
Not the one that they demand.

Fight against oppression,
Fight for your beliefs,
Fight for grandiose freedom,
Stand up and you'll see
A million other faces,
Over walls that they have built,
Alone in your position,
No longer shall you stand.

An end to hopes abortion
A pen and sword in hand,
The former asks for freedom,
While the latter one demands.

Choose your eternal slumber,
To sleep an endless sleep,
Or to rise and rise again
In books the future reads.

To inspire greater days,
Great tasks still lie ahead,
No idle hands must we allow,
For freedom not too distant stands.

The author's comments:
I hope that this piece might inspire others to take action and create something wonderful. I also want it inspire people to want to be more active in the decisions that make their future.

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