Want do you want from me

February 16, 2011
Are you telling me you want me because your lonely
Are you telling me you found someone else
I'm so tired of living like this,
wishing you were still here
wishing you still called me baby,
what do you want from me
baby, are you telling me you wanna talk because she doesn't fill your emptiness like i do?
are you here to tell me how you found the one and I'm just a "use to be"?
I get a call from you
you have nothing new to say just the regular hello
it feels like your trying to bring me back to where I've already ben?
can you see your just bringing back the memorise?
what do you want me to say ?
what do you want from me?
are you trying to bring the tears back ,
telling me you need me
telling me how much you miss me
but really don't you see you just keep pulling me back
I don't have the tI'me and neither do my friends
I cant keep making my friends pull me thru this misery
what do you want from me,what do you want from me
do you just want me to say i wish you had stayed?
wishing you had never left
then you go and break my heart
making me feel this pain again?
so tell me what do you want ,what do you want from me?

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