No show

February 16, 2011
By , Greenville, KY
You promised her you’d never leave;
That you were going to be there from day 1 till the day you die,
That you’d love her forever.

You told her she was everything,
And she never left your mind.

She believed you,
And gave you something she shouldn’t have.
She fell in love with you.

One day, she told you she has good news.
She was pregnant with your baby.
Excited to be having her third child with a man she loved,
And loved her back.

Then she waited the next day for you to come home,
You never showed, or called.
She waited and waited day after day,
Week after week,
Then she realized she fell for your lies.

She was hurt more than ever.
Her child, your child, dad wasn’t going to be there for it or her.

Months passed, it was finally time.
Thinking maybe she would hear from you,
Knowing you knew about what time she’d go into labor.

She thought wrong,
You were once again the no show.

Still heart broken by your unexpected leave,
She hoped you would appear soon for your baby daughter.
Once again, she was wrong.

You never showed for anything.
Never cared about something that was part of you.

The day she told the child was the day,
She’d never felt stupider for believing the no show’s lies.

Your baby girl grew up to be a good kid.
But, you’d never know because you were a no show.

You left an amazing woman, and amazing kids.
That’s what you get for being a no show.

Maybe, you learned your lesson.
She did, not to fall for the lies from…
A no show.

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