Midst of a Social Battle

February 16, 2011
Sickened by the heat of battle,
chilled by the cold of your words

Waiting for the music of fights--
the shouting of our own rights

Lusting for the pain; craving the chase
(keep beside me, match my fast pace)

Longing for the defeated gaze,
watch your glory number your days

Forget about the risk of the fall,
just remember that we started it all

What was a little fight
came from "You're wrong, I'm right."

What came from a fight turned into a war,
and here we are--like never before

Over and over, we spit and hiss,
there's no such thing as "ignorant bliss"

And though we can't smile--it's all we can think--
I know my sanity is right on the brink

Please end this soon, I'm not going down,
when this is over... can "over" be found?

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