Instructions on How to Be Dominican

January 31, 2011
When walking into a room, be confident. Make every step you take a merengue, strong and vivacious. Make every word you speak a salsa, colorful and musical.
Let your actions speak for you. A flip of the wrist and a roll of the neck should do.
Let your actions speak for you. A point with the nose and a scrunching of the face should do.
Dance. Dance. Dance. You must dance to no music and not give a f*** about what anyone says because you’re confident, remember?
A vivacious one, two, three. Uno, dos, tres along with the imagined tambora in your head because you’re Dominican and you can do that.
Let your iPod be bombarded with reggaeton, dembow, merengue, salsa, and bachata,
And every shuffle leads you to Fuego, Toxic Crow, Manny Loco, Salsa Kids, or Aventura.
Aventura is a must. You’re not a Dominican without Romeo Santos’ singing to your eardrums.
Y ahora por un segundo me ahogo
En los mares de realidad.
Por un segundo acepto mi derota
Te perdi de verdad.
Let your music speak for you. Let your music be you.
Live your music. Breath your music. Pray your music. Eat your music.
Music is you. You are music.
Are you still following along?
Platano con salami. Empanadas. Sancocho. Tostones. Pollo guisado. Mofongo. Mangu.
Food. The epitome of any culture, especially Dominican culture.
Majarete. Habichuelas con dulce. Chicharonnes de pollo. Mondongo. Bizcocho dominicano.
Eat. Pray. Love.

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