January 31, 2011
Just one hit is all it takes
now you're here with no escape
as your light fades
your vision goes black
you sold your soul
cant get it back

Your world's not whole
You've torn it apart
can't control your rage
You broke your heart
Cant explain the shakes
you're lower than the floor
Pain and paranoia
Yet you still want more

Starvation and pain
You're going insane
you've lost yourself
In a sea darker than black
You find yourself
'Til the demons come back
Disturbed, you're sick
will this ever be fixed?
It creates Your happiness
But does the feeling you get
really exist?
Too tired for sleep
Angry and cold, psycho and scared
Welcome to your living nightmare

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MirandaAdelyn said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 6:58 pm
I like it :) Don't be pessimistic, have confidence! Good job and keep posting!
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