The Hope's Omen

February 8, 2011
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I'm a boyfriend without benefits
the straight gay best friend
a dreamer, whose eyes are blind
to all but that Hope

Oh that sly little Minx
be afraid of Her size
for even as she dies
the Lies will only grow

He'll hide and whisper
that morrow may shine
and you'll dine
with the gleam of yester

Have fear,
its the only feel that's real,
of this lovely little Couple
and their deviant games

Don't follow Their lead,
nor believe in Their creed
for the more you appease
the more they will tease.

Lest you wait
the dirge will strike its tone
and you'll find a wake
claiming you to take!

They'll martyr thee
without a cause
and drag you by your knees
to that foreboding zone of friends.

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