February 8, 2011
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Pressed to the frost covered window,
Scratching off the ice,
Somehow I still can’t see;
Shovel away the dirty snow,
Sweep away the lonesome mysteries,
Wipe off the dusty surface,
Yet, I somehow cannot see past the hazy outline;

I’m trying to understand,
I stare at the withered photograph,
Your eyes stare back at me,
I can’t read your expression,
I can’t see past the smudged ink,
I try to comprehend,
I try to understand,
I try to take the blindfold off,
Still, somehow I cannot see;

I try to step over the broken glass,
I tediously polish at the tarnished silver,
I want to see past the obvious image,
My curiosity tells me to look around the bend,
I want to see you clearly,
I need to smile back this time,
I cannot tell who lies beneath your core,
I see you lingering in the shadows,
My fingers push away the wisps of hair
Covering your face,
But even as I glimpse at your innocent complexion
I can only see darkness;

Now, as I pull apart the window drapery
I can’t even see past the blurry glass,
I still can’t decipher your dreary expression,
I can’t see past the fallen trees,
Everything blurred
And vanished into angering invisibility
But when I step out into the sunshine,
The apparent light only blind me further,
Taking steps through the misty darkness,
I try to make your figure out,
Even through the foggy ambiance
And even through my countless efforts
Somehow I cannot see;

What used to be so lucid,
Now crumbles down to pieces…
I try to peel off the extra layers,
I try to wash off the unwanted filthiness,
Then I look in your direction,
I smile knowingly,
I glance upon your picture,
I try to dig a little deeper,
Because I still can’t see.

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Rory7 said...
Mar. 22, 2011 at 5:44 pm
Every good, I can feel the intensity in your voice, your frustration as you try to see clearly, all the emotion, it's just great. I dont have anything else to say, it was a very well written piece. 
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