The Animal

February 8, 2011
By Anonymous

A dog is there, listening,
I am there, complaining.

A dog gives away all his love,
I take all the love I can find.

A dog will do anything to please his master,
I want to be pleased by others.

A dog is friends with anyone who wants him,
I am friends with only people I choose.

A dog gives everything he has,
I take what I can get.

A dog is there no matter who you are and what you have done,
I pretend to be there and to care.

A dog pays constant attention to what you want,
I want constant attention from the world.

A dog would never hate or lie,
I hate and lie to protect my happiness.

A dog would never start a war,
I start wars and claim I want peace.

A dog dares to trust and to believe in love from me,
I fear trust, even from those who love me.

A dog accepts,
I judge.

I can talk, but
A dog can read my mind.

Who is the “animal” who needs to be taught?

The author's comments:
My dog inspired me to write this piece. I think that people do not appreciate how perfect animals are, whether they are dogs or not.

Animals are always there and although we often think we are the smartest organisms on Earth, we should rethink this idea because we could learn a lot from animals.

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