The Unmasking

February 8, 2011
The last night of Carnival our eyes did meet.
Beneath my mask on that chilly evening I felt my face begin to flush.
Oh what a rush!
On the dance floor we spoke our first words,
Beneath your silver cat mask and sleek black cloak I saw you smile.
Beneath my sapphire blue taffeta dress and silver wolf mask i felt my own heart pounding.
As you approached and asked for a dance. As the steps we danced.
You asked my name, so I did too.
I knew then I wanted to be with you.
When we walked through the ancient courtyard,
laughing merrily and chatting mercilessly.
We stopped, we halted, we paused.
Then you reached out and removed the mask from your face.
As I saw your handsome face, I felt the tears begin to flow.
I wanted to rip my mask off as well..but I could not..
The mask that bears the weight of sorrow and grief.
A lead weight attached to my face.
Gingerly you took off my mask.
Then you got down on one knee.
"My beloved please marry me."
I could barely stammer yes.
Then I was in your arms again.
I knew the responsibility I must now bear.
But I love you so I do.
I love you, and always will.

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