My Only Fantasy

February 8, 2011
By ReaperValentine SILVER, Mexia, Texas
ReaperValentine SILVER, Mexia, Texas
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Sorry I wasn't at church Sunday... I was practicing... witchcraft.

My only fantasy is to one day find my Prince Charming
Even if it has a Romeo and Juliet twist and ends in tragedy
I want to be loved for who I am for at least a little while
Is it too much to ask?
Two people...
Two halves...
One whole...

I will search for my sweet prince through long days and cold nights
Forgetting all the troubles and the fights
The problems with former lovers
The ones who tried to be my one and only
They all just left me lonely...
One day I'll look up and realize
My true love has always been right in front of my eyes...

The author's comments:
This was written before I met my current boyfriend(who I really and truly hope is my Prince and the answer to my prayers). It was rather ironic how I met him actually...

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